12 april 2021 | 19:00 uur - 20:00 uur

SNS bank expropriation: Lessons Learned

In this special edition two experts in the field (Prof. Dr. Ianika Tzankova, partner Birkway, Amsterdam/Tilburg University and Gerjanne te Winkel, Partner JonesDay, Amsterdam) look back at the expropriation of Dutch SNS bank some 8 years ago and share lessons learned for bondholders and international investors acquiring FIG distressed debt. The topics they will touch upon are e.g. the scope of the Interventiewet, legal protection and due process considerations under Interventiewet and its interaction with relevant international standards. 

The webinar should be of interest to all type of investors investing in financial institutions, including the ones acquiring FIG distressed debt and want to understand if there is an expropriation risk of debt and how to de-risk it, their outside counsel, members of the judiciary, financial and political journalists and national and European policy makers.

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